Trang chủ Company introduction Development history

Development history

1. Company name



Short name: VHP.MEC.CO., LTD

Headquarters address:

  • Office Address: 24 Tran Minh Thang, Quy Kim 3, Hop Duc Ward, Do Son Dist., Hai Phong City
  • Factory address: Brigade 273, Nam Cầu Bình Industrial Park, Sở Dầu Ward, Hồng Bàng District, Hải Phòng City
  • Phone: (02253) .292.229 Fax: (02253). 292.229

2. General introduction

Vuong Hong Phat Technical Services And Mechanical Company Limited, formerly known as Vuong Hong Phat Service And Mechanical Company Limited, was established on 23 May 2013 in the economic situation of the country which is engulfed in crisis. However, with the solidarity, willpower to build and affirm themselves, so far the company has overcome many difficulties to achieve significant achievements although still in the process of formation. The products manufactured by the company have been highly appreciated by the customers for the quality, the devoted service as well as the strict observance of the labor discipline recognized by the partners and shown during the accomplishment of the previous objectives. Time limit required. Always learn, obey the Company Slogan:  Good Solidarity, high Discipline, always Creativity… together Development! . Up to today, in the situation of private sector being invested, the VHP is firmly convinced of the excellent completion of the first five-year plan, creating the momentum for the next five years with the following criteria: Reaching out to the sea

Not only to make a living together but also to develop the collective economy, the VHP also aims to build a big family – the VHP family in which the siblings are closely linked. Family, each individual life in the collective. That construction was formed and promoted from the deep awareness and effort to learn the thought, morality and lifestyle of beloved Ho Chi Minh.

3. Performance criteria

To fulfill the mission of the company, with the unanimous consensus of the management and all employees are determined to strive to thoroughly understand and meet the increasing requirements of customers with the criteria:

Regularly adjust the work processes to constantly improve the quality of the work, while improving the quality management system.
Dedication, effort to complete the project on schedule, safety and warranty work dedicated caring.
Continuously train human resources, increase equipment investment in parallel with the study of the application of effective management methods.
Compliance with Vietnamese laws on labor and other applicable laws, respect for international conventions.
Constant care for improvement of working conditions and environmental protection for the community.

4. Main activity areas

  • Fabrication and erection of equipment and steel structure
  • Fabrication and installation of tanks, piping technology
  • Shipbuilding and repair of ships, steel casings and ship equipment. – Manufacture of metal structures
  • Provide manpower and equipment for the construction of Industrial projects.
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