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Union activity


The union of Vuong Hong Phat Technical Services And Mechanical Company Limited was established on 20/7/2015 after two years of establishment of the company, union executive committee in addition to protecting the rights of workers combined with the board. The leader of the company organizes many sports movements, production emulation, contributing to building and developing the working environment of professional VHP. The grassroots union of Vuong Hong Phat Technical Services And Mechanical Company Limited has done well: Functions to represent and protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers. The trade union often exchanges and advises the members’ council and the board of directors to implement well the salary and bonus policy. At present, the average salary of officers and employees has increased significantly compared to the general level. The learning rights to improve the level, cultural enjoyment, community life of employees are proposed by the Executive Board of Trade Union. Each year, two times for employees to visit tourism. , Resort. On International Children’s Day 1-6, on the lunar day, the Trade Union Executive Board also distributes gifts to children as employees. On the occasion of the annual Anniversary, Trade Union organized the movement of vibrant sports and entertainment. Improve health and create cohesion among people in the company.


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